Campaign Designer


Icefall Interactive is looking for an experienced Campaign Designer to join our growing studio.  We have an exciting project and are looking for a key hire to lend a hand in the development and execution of the campaign gameplay on a Space Combat game. 
Do you want to build compelling game experiences having designed, prototyped, and delivered high-profile gameplay systems, features, or tools? Do you love working with a team of talented designers, artists, and programmers to create ambitious in-game content?  If so, this role could be for you!


  • Conceive, prototype, implement and iterate on campaign content such as play space layout, narrative delivery, scripted sequences, tutorial/help systems, and game tuning
  • Request and prioritize features for the campaign team ranging from the individual scripting functions to large scale features like save game or UI flow
  • Collaborate with artists and audio designers on ways to communicate and enhance the aesthetic implementation of the content you work with
  • Work with producers and team leadership to assess requirements and provide effort estimates and updates to help ensure the team reaches its goals successfully
  • Communicate intention, vision, and design to a wide range of other disciplines


  • A minimum of 3 years in game development, with at least 2 years of Campaign or Level Design experience
  • Shipped at least one product
  • Self-direction and a proven ability to thrive in a highly dynamic and technical environment
  • Strong interdisciplinary collaboration skills, including verbal and written skills
  • Experience with and understanding of scripting languages and tools


  • Experience developing or playing games featuring procedurally generated content
  • An innovators heart, keen to create brand new things that haven’t been done before
  • A love of building high quality, rich gameplay experiences
  • Experience playing modern and classic space combat games such as TIE Fighter, House of the Dying Sun
  • Demonstrated passion for entertainment products/media (i.e. comics, movies, novels, etc.)
  • Knowledge of narrative and cinematic storytelling theory
  • Experience in the production stage of a large scale shipped project