Narrative Designer & Writer


Icefall Interactive is looking for a Narrative Designer & Writer to join our team. Are you passionate about writing stories, creating compelling characters, constructing memorable scenes, and servicing the needs of the game before all else? Do you recognize that constructing and implementing an effective narrative consists of far more than just writing a cool plot and kick-ass cutscenes? If so, this role could be for you!


  • Work with multidisciplinary team members to help define and deliver on the creative vision
  • Develop narrative techniques and systems that will aid in the execution of our story inside the game space
  • Write story treatments, character bios, VO dialogue, cinematic scripts, casting documents, world building backstories, and other support materials as needed
  • Revise and edit scripts within deadlines based on internal and external feedback
  • Exceptional dialog skills are a must
  • Work closely with designers to merge narrative with gameplay to deliver a consistent and robust narrative
  • Manage the script and other dialogue related documentation, ensuring they are up to date, easy to access, and clear
  • Understand story requirements and deliver on the essential story and gameplay goals
  • Respond to feedback from creative leadership, design, audio, and production to enhance the narrative, clarify concerns, and facilitate the development process
  • Understand gameplay elements and assess how they could affect the development of the story
  • Present collaborative solutions for adjustments as conflicts arise


  • 5+ years of game development experience as a writer or narrative designer
  • Shipped at least two AAA game titles working either as a narrative designer or game writer
  • Understand the process of both game and narrative development, including how audio, art, level design and other disciplines can affect narrative and how they can be effectively leveraged to deliver a more comprehensive and engaging story
  • Knowledge of games and interactive storytelling, character development, scriptwriting, and user engagement. You must not only play video games, but understand them as a dramatic form
  • Self direction and a proven ability to thrive in a highly dynamic and technical environment
  • Strong inter-disciplinary & collaboration skills, including verbal and written skills
  • Excellent creative writing abilities
  • Be a passionate storyteller with a strong interest in advancing the quality of game narratives
  • Writing samples, as requested, that exemplify a skill level and proficiency of craft that specifically speaks to the position under consideration


  • Experience with shipping a title on multiple platforms and input devices
  • Experience playing modern Space Combat Games
  • Interest in single-player and co-op gaming.